The main focus of the infant program, is to provide the most protective environment possible for the children, while continuing to improve their sensory development. All the activities in this program are structured to target your child’s developmental milestones. We have experienced and nurturing caregivers who are focused at all times on the individual needs of each child in their care.

    Program Benefits

  • Nurturing Caregivers
  • Social & Emotional Development
  • Individualised Lesson Plans
  • Developmental Milestones Assessment
Group of babies playing together.

Toddlers & Twos

This program is designed specifically to create a challenging & stimulating environment for your toddler. We offer group activities that are focused on enhancing your child’s creativity, imagination and flexible thinking. In addition, we also provide your child, individual potty training plans with specific goals.

    Program Benefits

  • Individual Potty Training Plans
  • Frog Street Press Curriculum
  • Social & Emotional Skills Development
  • Creative Environment

Preschool & Pre-K

This program is built to provide your child with all the right tools they need to get ready for their journey into kindergarten. Children today are eager and fast learners, so the right approach is key to helping them enter the formal world of schooling with confidence. We also focus on teaching the children the importance of virtues & values and their application in real world situations.

    Program Benefits

  • Kindergarten Readiness
  • Frog Street Press Curriculum
  • Social, Emotional & Educational Development
  • Virtues & Values Training

School Age

Your child requires a safe and engaging environment, that consistently provides them the opportunity to hone the skills taught to them in a formal educational program. The milestones in this program are designed specifically to match your child’s interactive abilities and provide assistance with teamwork & academic needs. This program is also structured to provide before & after school activities including transportation, home work assistance, summer camps, field trips as some of its key highlights.

    Program Benefits

  • Transportation – To & From Schools
  • School Holiday & Summer Camp Care
  • Field Trips
  • Homework Assistance (if required)